woensdag 30 september 2009

Horseridingkit freebie... PU

I am kind of researching the scrappingcommunity as you know and i am kind of wondering, what makes a good scrapkit. I like to tube from pictures, because some things are very hard to make yourself. But is that good? Do you guys like that? Or do you prefer things digitally made? I don't know what you guys prefer, i'd really like to know it!! So please tell me!!

I do know that some things are not pretty when tubed. I for one, don't like small statues tubed. Especially not when they have too much of a glare.

Anyway, i wanted to make you something which i haven't seen before...
It had to be original, it had to be usable, it had to be pretty and i like it to be somewhere in my range of expertise, because its kind of hard to make a kit of which you know nothing... Although thats kind of a challenge too!

I made you a horseriding kit. Its filled up with almost everything that came to mind while i was working on it. And, for my little research, i tubed original pictures AND made those items myself also. So you'll find 2 pairs of boots, 2 saddles, one made totally by myself, the other one tubed (and used as an example for my selfmade things)  The saddle was really hard to make...

It's not al shown on preview what's in there, i put in some flowers, some frames and even a pile of horsedumpings !lol! There is an engraved horseshoe in there also, and a thing over which horses jump, a hayfork and bows and stuff, seriously a lot more then on the preview.

Let me know what you think about it!! And let me know what you like more, tubed from a picture or really digitally made, that will help me a lot in the future!

Last but not least, a little typical dutch joke i have to explain to you, i put in daisies, because in the netherlands here we call it "horseflower" :)
It's a personal use kit.

I hope you like it, its the biggest kit i've ever launched this far, please leave me a message when you download it, i really like to know what you think about it! Ow, and if you have a request for something, feel free to email me!

Have fun with the kit, i always love to see what people create with my kits, so you can always send me a link, i'd like that :)

Lots of love,


Holiday glitters CU

I'm playing around with a lot of ideas, i'm only limited by my designskills !lol!
 Any way, i was playing around with some early christmasthoughts, and i was trying out some things and found out that the golden glitters i have, are much too yellow for my taste...  So i created some gold glitters which i like, and i'll share them with you because i can imagine i'm not the only one with this problem! I created a few more colours, because the colour you like depends on your own taste! And while i was at it, i made some silvers and coppers too, and a chocolate !lol! which is not on the preview (too much to fit already !lol! )  They are Custom Use, please read my TOU.

So here you are...

They are quite large, 400x400, i like to make them bigger so they dont get ugly when you use them on a large part.

I hope you enjoy them!

Lots of love,


maandag 28 september 2009


This is the thingie i made earlier for you, i don't know if you like it actually, i was playing around in psp a little bit, trying to use my newlearned techniques on my own, and i created a mask. And the fun thing is, you can make them into whatever you want! So i've been playing around with that a little bit... They're not that big, so its more taggersize i think, and i'm wondering if people will like this? Is it useable?

The preview is kind of flat, i did work on the masks to give them some shadow so it looks like it's not a flat thing, but really a mask.

Well, let me know what you think! I just made two for the testrun, if you like it i can make more :)

Please let me know ok? I have no testing team !lol! So you guys are my feedback for this one :)

Lots of love,


Dragonfly lace...

I've been in bed all day yesterday, i'm sick... I think i have the worldfamous swineflu... (relax, i can't pass that trough online thank god !lol!) Fever is still burning up in me, but i cant lie down anymore! So i got up, and looked at my blog and... Whoa!! What a nice responses to my laceset!! I want to thank all of you for the sweet words!

Mungo asked if i could make this with a dragonfly or a faerie, i started looking between my things, i couldn't find a faerie which i could use (but i will keep looking!),  i did found a dragonfly! It's a little more petit than the big butterfly was, so i made you a dragonfly lace!
It turned out really nice and funny actually! The preview is not that nice, i made the laces quite big, like 1200x1200 and 1200x200 so when i scaled them down this much they didn't look that pretty anymore, but i ensure you that they are really nice!!

well, here you go!

I hope you like them, and make lovely things with them :)

Lots of love,


zaterdag 26 september 2009


 you might know by now, I'm on a quest to learn how to make the most beautiful things with psp myself! And i think making your own lace is part of it! I really like lace, it can be used for so many different things!

I've been practising how to build a lace from scratch and it's finally paying off!

So hereby i present to you, my first handmade laces! I'm not giving them away as cu, because it's just practise, it is good to use but hey.... i'm kind of a perfectionist and i always want to do better :)  The sizes diverse a little, the butterfly lace and the most left lace are quite big, but the other ones are small.

So personal use only. Here it comes!

There it is, have fun with it! Feel free to leave me a comment or anything else, i really like that!
Are laces wanted? Or not? I'm kind of researching "what scrappers want" !lol!
Also make sure to come by tomorrow, got something else prepared for you, which you might like!

Lots of love,

donderdag 24 september 2009

Some wordart to join with the fall kit... PU

I have been learning psp all evening, doing tutorials and trying out stuff myself! I made my own set of doll eyes, with a little help from http://www.michelespaintshop.com/, its a real big tip if you have never been there before! She makes videotutorials, so you can SEE what she does! I like them a lot! She uses a lot of techniques to accomplish different goals, so i learned a lot from her tutorials which i can apply on my own creations!

So for all of you, take a look over there, if you're never been there! Its really helpfull to learn to do more with your psp!

So, because i've been doing tutorials and stuff all evening trying to get more knowledge of the tools in psp, i did made these two word arts for you earlier, they fit in great with the fall kit, but probably with a lot of fallkits, It's a personal use only.

So, there you go, please leave a message if you download it! I really like to read peoples reactions, it gives me inspiration and encourages me to make more for you!

Have fun with it,

Lots of love,

woensdag 23 september 2009

CU mushroom cluster freebie

Because i use some CU items in my kits sometimes, just for the little bit of extra, i'd like to give back some to the CU community! I like photography a lot and i'm taking out my camera more and more these days, trying to make good shots for CU products! I photograph with a Canon 400D and its a great camera!

I made a photo of this muchroom cluster last year in the forest close to Overloon's Liberty Park. I worked quite long on tubing it, lol, i'm not a pro on it yet, and some area's were quite hard to cover. So on its large size it might look a little jagged around the edges, but if you resize it, which you likely will do because its really big !lol! there will be no problem with that anymore. I think its perfect for CU! Feel free to email me some tips or things i can improve! The mushroom has some kind of purple faint glow around some parts, that's not fake or a fault, it was really there! That's why we photographed it in the first place, it was a very special and beautiful mushroom!

Well, here's the preview!

So there you go, have fun with it! And please leave me some love or a message, i can not tell you how much that is appreciated!!

Lots of love,

I fell for fall freebiekit PU

I didn't want to do it, but i also fell for a fall kit :)
I stumbled across two very cute hedgehogs and they were in the news here in the country (its not going so well with them here, a lot of them end up as roadkill and because everyone is removing bushes and stuff out of their gardens to make very neat and abstract gardens with stones, they don't have a lot of places to go to anymore)
It saddens me, i really like hedgehogs! I will never remove the bushes out of my garden!! And for all the hedgehogs, i made this fallkit. Isn't it a cute animal? :) I really like those little faces!

There are more things in the kit then shown on the preview, i just couln't place more or it would be too crowded. I hope you like it! Its a Personal Use only kit.

Don't forget to pick up my CU freebie also, it's a muchroom cluster which i photographed myself last year, it fits perfectly with this kit also!
Have fun with it and feel free to send me your layouts, i will place them on my blog! 

Lots of Love,

maandag 21 september 2009

Holland freebie minikit

You might have noticed, i'm from Holland also known as The Netherlands, the little country in Europe, we're the people who walk on wooden shoes all day and eat a lot of cheese !lol! I took our most famous things and made it into a kit. It was not that easy though, because a lot of graphics are very protected when it comes to our national fame! And i do not have all these things at home (no really!! I don't!) so making the pictures myself was not an option. I normally like to do that, but its not always possible :)

It is a small kit, and i'm sharing it with you because i'd like to show you what i've been doing the past few days. I do understand its limited use because when do you need a Holland kit? !lol!
But for the people who have been here on holidays, or have theme party's i don't know, maybe you can use it. To make it a little bit diverse and able for more use, i put in a few special cheese items :) There comes a moment in almost everyones life where you'll stumble across cheese! And what goes better with cheese than a little mouse!

So, here's our nations pride i guess, were famous for a lot more things (like we're the only country which allows you to carry and smoke weed, and our redlightdistricts are not unfamous also) but i cant believe people will actually scrap with those things !lol! so i didn't put those in :) But if you please, i can always make another kit with those items !lol! Just let me know...

I hope you enjoy it, if you can use it! I used some scripts to make some items, i want to thank the people providing those scripts, because some things are very hard to make for a starting kitmaker, and ofcourse i put all the people who's materials i have in my collection in my TOU. It's beginning to be a large file !lol! and not all the names in there are used for this kit but i don't see why i wouldn't mention them in every TOU. But i always try to have more things of my own in the kits than other people's creations, i only use them for the "extra icing on the cake".

This story is getting quite long... And all you want is the freebie, i understand :) So here you go... It's a Personal Use Only kit. The papers are sized 1200x1200 and if you wonder what's the little blue and grey paper, its called "Delfts Blauw" The paper on the right is our flag, but its too large for the preview so the lower blue part is not visible on the preview.

So, there you have it! Please leave a comment when you download it, and if you have any questions or ...? Let me know!

Lots of Love,

zaterdag 19 september 2009

Wordart freebie for you PU

I was playing around with some pictures and i made this wordart,
i think you all can use it! So many occasions for dressing up and the best time to make a photo is when we're all dressed up and ready to go!

So here you go :) Enjoy it! It's a personal use file.

The preview on 4shared is quite ugly, that is NOT how the file looks like i can assure you! The sparkles are very soft and smooth, not like the preview there!
And please, leave a message when you download it!

Lots of love,

vrijdag 18 september 2009

Paper practise! And a freebie for you PU

I always love papers!  I see people make the most beautiful paper backgrounds, which i gladly use ofcourse! I like it when a paper has just a little extra. Doesn't have to be much, but just a little bit extra, gives a magical glow somehow to the whole page.

And ofcourse, i want to learn how to make those beautiful papers! I've been looking and searching everywhere, but i couldn't discover how they make those pages! I learned about overlays and textures, i tried a couple overlays of other people, which gave a very nice effect, but i want to be able to do that myself! I had a lot of fights with brushes in psp x which i am using !lol!
But the results... i was not so satisfied to be honest...
I clearly need load more practise on that part!

But while i was trying to conquer the blanc pages with brushes and stuff, i found an other way which does gives you beautiful papers! Maybe not too spectacular, but i think its a good start to the right direction!

And ofcourse i'd like to share them with you! Take you to the next level of my scrapbooking design journey! This is a personal use only package.

The size is 1200x1200, i tried small ones first :) I saw bigger formats are possible too (like 3600x3600) so the larger sizes will come up pretty soon i guess :) But there's so much on my "i want to learn/try list" that i cant predict what's coming up next!

The preview doesn't show a lot of the papers, it actually looks kind of lame, like all the papers are "just coloured and thats it" !lol! I even put my nametag crooked!! But i do encourage you to download the pack and see for yourself, i think there are really cool backgrounds in there! And NO, i did not just floodfill some pages with a color :)  Go see for yourself!

I hope you like them, please leave me some love or comments on my papers! I'm always open to suggestions or tips, it can only help one learn!!

Lots of love,

donderdag 17 september 2009

CU Glitter freebie for you

I am really pleased that people found their way to my blog, thanks to digifreebielist ofcourse! I love to learn more, and the downloadfigures are a good encouragement to learn and offer you more! And thank you so much for the love you left me, it's really appreciated, especialy since i am a beginning designer and quite unsure if people will like my work :)

I know there are a lot of glitters available already on the net, but I simply love glitters and I just wanted to learn how to make my own glitters!
And I think you can never have enough glitters !lol!

So i made you these olive/green and silver glitters, one is multicolorglittering, but the main key was silver. I crafted them totaly by hand so i can offer them to you as a CU item!

I hope you can use them in your projects!
Lots of love,

dinsdag 15 september 2009

New blog header

I changed my blogheader, just to be sure that is not the problem why i dont get accepted to the digifree bloglist. I found this picture on the internet a long time ago, i have no clue who made it, but if you do know the artist, please tell me who it is, so i can give proper credit!
The curtain used, is from ScrapU.

The blog background is from silscreations, you can find it between the links.

I hope you like it just as much as i do :) It's kind of mysterious, so am i.. Lol!

Love, Soro

zondag 13 september 2009

Halloween coming... PU

OK maybe a little early, but i was working with orange anyway, so i thought, lets make a scrapbook freebie for halloween! I really had fun making the embellishments, my daughter was coloring on the computer, and so was mom! lol!

The goal was halloween but not too scary. So you can use it for/with kids also.
Included are one more frame and some more embellishments. And there's a wordart in there also.

Have fun with it, and please leave a message if you download it!
Thank you!
Lots of love, Soro

zondag 6 september 2009

And another one for you

I was playing around with some photo's of my oldest daughter, dressed as a princess... So i came up with this one.. Looks nice in a princess scrap lol!

Hope you like it too!

Lots of love, Soro

zaterdag 5 september 2009

Purple addiction freebie

Purple addiction, my first scrapbookkit for you!
I can tell you, it took me a lot of searching and doing tutorials, but i think i found the right way and would like to share with you my creation!

I also found out i need more practise in designing my kit preview lol!, that's the one thing i'm not fully sadisfied with! It will get better with loads of practise i hope lol!

Here are the previews:
And please leave some love, and feel free to let me know what you think about the kit :)
Lots of love, Soro

woensdag 2 september 2009

That's what you are

Still working on my sisters weddingalbum, i made another wordart you might also like. She is very fond of the song "you are", especially the version of Dolly Parton. I made this wordart in their colors ( purple, my sister loves purple!! ).

The preview shows you a purple background, but ofcourse thats only for the preview. Although i might suggest you use this on a dark page, because the color of the art is silvery. The file is for personal use only...

I hope you like it, let me know!

Lots of love, Soro